OFSET's non-official Debian repository

OFSET is the Organisation for Free Software in Education and Training.

We maintain some packages, which are necessary for the distribution of Education free software we make, Freeduc-CD as a live CD gnu/linux distro, and also for bootable USB sticks (see the project about Phoenix-M).

These efforts are being merged into Debian. However, you may find here some package not yet published in Debian, and some packages with newer version numbers.

To get OFSET's Debian packages, add the following lines in your file sources.list:

# ofset's packages
deb http://debian.ofset.org squeeze main
deb-src http://debian.ofset.org squeeze main
deb http://debian.ofset.org wheezy main
deb-src http://debian.ofset.org wheezy main

The signing key for OFSET's repository

You may want to install the key which is signalled as missing, when you try to install packages coming from http://debian.ofset.org. If you read the following message: NO_PUBKEY 8B1B4AC97CB69AAC, you may download the public key here. Of course if you look at this key's text inside your web browser, it will look just as garbage data. Save this file in some place. To add this key to the keyring of trusted debian repositories, use the following command: apt-key add pubkey_8B1B4AC97CB69AAC.gpg as a root user.

When trust matters: this key has been signed once, check it with the following command: gpg --list-sigs ... then search wether there is a trust path between the signing key (11691130) and yours, for example with WOTsap's seach engine.